work with me

Private Lessons

I have limited openings for one-on-one, custom learning experiences in English, literature, reading and writing. From supporting your student in their English studies, offering advanced curriculum, or helping them develop their own creative work, I am available to work with self-motivated students who are invested in these extra opportunities out of their own passion and interest.

Email me at to schedule a time to learn more and discuss your student's specific needs.

Private lessons: $75/hour

Custom Curriculum

Want to create your own custom class with a group of students who love to read and/or write? From book clubs, to writing critique groups, to creative writing classes, I can put together a truly original curriculum tailored to what your students love.

Part of a homeschool network? Hire me to write your detailed English curriculum around your group's needs and desires. You can teach it yourself or hire me to teach.

Email me at to set up a time to discuss your group's dream class! Please note that pricing will depend upon the number of students and classes.