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 Creative classes and workshops young writers and storytellers

Expand your mind

Writing is good for the brain! It helps strengthen critical thinking, creativity, memory, and even happiness.

Bring your ideas to light

Everyone has a story, or a hundred stories. Writing helps you transform your ideas into stories to share with the world.

Spark your passion

Writing can be a lifetime passion. It can also help you unlock other passions and learn more about yourself.

MA in Literature

MFA in Creative Writing

12+ years of teaching experience

ABOUT ME, Claire Brislin

I believe that learning should be a JOYFUL experience. I have a passion for reading and writing and I believe that both help us discover our true selves and become better critical thinkers, empathetic listeners, and compassionate doers. 

I have been an educator since 2007, working with high school and middle school students in English, creative writing, and humanities across the globe, most recently at Cascades Academy and REALMS Middle School in Bend, OR . Along the way I received an MA in Literature and an MFA in Writing for Children. I am currently writing books for children but my passion for education has ignited a desire to create a stress-free and grade-free environment for learning where students can be themselves and follow their own instincts in the literary arts.

Come join me and rediscover the JOY of learning.